About us

Al Ihsan Women’s Vocational Center is the women’s chapter of Al Ihsan Social Development Center (AISDC), a non-profit organization to support orphan, needy children and underprivileged Muslim women in Bangladesh.

Al Ihsan Women Vocational Center (AIWVC) was established in January 2004. It started in a small Tin-shed house with 30 students which provided primary and Islamic education with vocational training.

It has enjoyed a gradual consistent growth and accomplishment ever since.

The number of homeless and needy women in Bangladesh are increasing exponentially due to various natural disasters such as flood, cyclone, tornado and river erosion. Furthermore, the women are not safe and secure on the street. These homeless and needy women have less or no access to schools and no opportunity to learn about religion (Islam). Thus it is essential to give them proper schooling and understanding about Islam. They should also learn how to develop their Islamic personality and maintain daily life with dignity.

AIWVC aims to provide primary education and hands-on job training. Moreover, women will not only benefit from it but their children and family would continue to reap significant rewards from it for many generations to come, Insha-Allah.

Alhamdu-Lillah, in collaboration with Human Concern International (HCI), Canada, AISDC have initiated a new program to reach out to many natural disaster victims in Bangladesh including providing shelter and support for homeless and orphan children.