About us

Women and girls in the villages of Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable. Most have no access to attend school or vocational training. Without any education, they end up working as maidservants or day- laborers, and many are sexually exploited. Some marry at an early age, but then find themselves abandoned after a few years, with young children and no means to support them. Having not been educated, they are extremely ignorant of basic practical life skills, and there is no way for them to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

The mission of Al Ihsan Social Development Society is to help girls and young women in a poor rural village in Bangladesh, who live in destitution without the opportunity to attend school and obtain a basic education, and therefore without hope. The particular area to be served is a village which is flooded by the nearby Padma River each monsoon season. The Padma River has been “growing in size, transforming in shape, and changing its location” due to erosion. During the monsoon season, which lasts 4 to 5 months, most of the homes in the village are flooded, and the families who live there become isolated from the rest of the country. The situation of these families is every dire, and they face starvation and malnutrition.

The role of Al Ihsan Social Development Society, Canada is to look after the operation and funding the Education Project of Al-Ihsan Social Development Centre, Bangladesh.

The key purpose of the AISDS, Canada:

a) To advance education in Bangladesh by:

  (i) providing, operating and maintaining a primary and secondary school for girls;

  (ii) providing employment-related skills training to girls and women, as well as necessary equipment and supplies.

b) To relieve poverty of students attending school by providing them free meals, clothing, and other basic supplies.