Lecture on Zakat-Al-Fitar

On 7 May, 2016 Al-Ihsan Women’s Vocational Center has arranged a scholarly lecture on Zakat-Al-Fitar. Honourable Imam of the local Masjid was the speaker of the event. He explained the the Fiqh of Zakat-Al-Fitar: eligibility of taking and giving Zakat-Al-Fitar, wisdom behind giving Zakat-Al-Fitar, etc. were discussed in the session.

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Like every year, Al-Ihsan is arranging distribution of Zakat-Al-Fitar among the poor and destitute families of the students and locality. This year around 300 families will receive Zakat-Al-Fatar. Each package will contain food for a family of 10 members with the following items:

Basmati Rice 2 KG
Chicken 1.5 KG
Rice Noodle 1 KG
Sugar 1 KG
Milk Powder 1/2 KG
Cooking Oil 1 KG
Moog Dal 1 KG
Potato 1 KG

* Bulk onion, garlic, ginger green chilly, salt and some other spices.

The Zakat-Al-Fitar will be distributed on 29th of Ramadan.

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